FORM 990

The Form 990 is a public document. Get it done correctly and completely by experienced professionals.

The “old??? Form 990 (pre 2008) was a nice 8-10 page tax return with a few schedules and even fewer disclosures. The “new??? Form 990 routinely runs to 30 pages or more and includes reams of schedules and numerous complex disclosures about your organization.

Your Form 990 is available for all to see: your donors, competitors, the IRS – even your mother-in-law! It is one very public face of your organization, and that face needs to look good and to comply with the law.

We have prepared hundreds of these forms over the past 18 years. Let us help you put the best face on your non-profit organization.

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In addition to the Form 990, we also prepare business income tax returns (Form 990-T), State of California exempt organization returns (Forms 199 and 109) and the California Attorney General’s Form RRF-1.

Typical Form 990 clients include:

• Charities
• Foundations
• Community Based Organizations
• Trade Associations
• Membership organizations
• Schools
• Governmentally funded organizations
• Social Clubs