Sacramento Non-Profit Auditing

To help get your numbers to make sense we need to first find out who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Numbers don’t exist by themselves.  There is always context, and that context will throw light on the numbers real meaning.

So we study and assess your accounting system:  What works? What could be improved?  (We are good at this – having done it more than 400 times!)

And we share with you what we learn.

If you want an audit where the auditors stay to themselves and share very little – then DO NOT hire us!

We look at every audit as a puzzle to be solved (and we are very good at puzzles!). The question we are always seeking to answer: What meaningful thing can we say about the organization that is true?

We are very pro-active in making recommendations, and we put those recommendations in the context of your organization as a whole, so they are understandable and have the ring of truth in them.

Through the audit process we ultimately help our clients take control of their numbers.  And once you have control of your numbers, making good decisions becomes a whole lot easier.

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Typical audit clients include:

• Charities
• Foundations
• Community Based Organizations
• Trade Associations
• Membership organizations
• Schools
• Governmentally funded organizations
• OMB A-133 audits
• Pension plans