FORM 1040

Have a CPA prepare your taxes for only a little more than the cost of tax software.
Do you have a home based business, rental properties, investments, or income from multiple States? Are you retired, a working professional, or a single parent? These are the types of situations and people we most often work with.And it’s a lot more than just taxes. In completing thousands of tax returns over the years we have seen what prosperous people do to be financially successful. And that experience will inform all of our advice to you, to help you become more successful. We can show you how to:

• Hold title to property to minimize taxes
• Contribute to a Roth IRA even if your income is greater than $170,000
• Build wealth and defer taxes through real estate investments
• Learn what your investment advisor is really charging you.
• Minimize current taxes
• Make tax efficient charitable contributions
• Maximize the tax deferral on retirement plans
• Build a “tax-free” retirement
• Think about life insurance
• Find a good estate and trust attorney

And a lot more!
We offer a free initial consultation. So get your questions all together and make an appointment here. We look forward to hearing from you!